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The AUESF, with the status of Sub-directorate, is attached to the Secretariat General for Employment in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs through the General Directorate of Social Economy, Self-Employment and European Social Fund.

It has 73 people on its staff to cover the duties that the Unit is assigned, such as a Management authority and an ESF Certification authority, as well as performing the work necessary for proper functioning of the Unit and the jobs involve through its belonging the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, forming the following structure:

organigrama_uafse Organigrama de Control Organigrama de Gestión

  • Subdirección General de la Uafse.
    • Subdirector General
    • 1 Secretario
    • 1 Jefa de Negocio)
  • Grupo Estratégico de Igualdad
    • 6 Técnicos/as Superiores
  • Servicio de Información y Publicidad
    • 1 Jefa de Servicio
    • 1 Técnica Superior
    • 1 Jefa de Negociado
  • Servicios de Informática.
    • 2 Jefe/a de Servicio
    • 2 Auxiliares Informática
    • 1 Programadora
  • Area Staff
    • 1 Jefe de Area
    • 2 Técnico Superior
    • 1 Jefa de Negocio
  • Subdirección General Adjunta de Gestión
  • Subdirección General Adjunta de Pagos y Control


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